I am here to tell anyone who sees these testimonials that I received my first session a little more than 24 hours ago and, so far, I'm STILL pain free! I have 3 degenerative discs in my lower back and arthritis in my back, forearms and feet. I felt very relaxed, while in session, and my cat (who has feline AIDS and suffers, greatly, with gum pain) remained on the bed next to me for the whole session, purring like a Cadillac! I think the session definitely helped him, also. He did not seem to be feeling any pain when he ate, today. Sometimes, he runs away from his food because his mouth begins to hurt. Not today. I accomplished more things, today, than I have done in months, physically. Bending, twisting, pulling things up out of the garden to clean it up, loading up bags with leaves and debris from the long winter and zero pain. I can't wait for my next session. I love the concept of this type of healing power. And, Sandee is amazing! Kudos to her as she really does know what she's doing!


Thank you for the sessions Sandee. My shoulder felt better the very first day...and since then other parts of my body are less painful now. I can walk around better and I think it improves a little more each day.
I think everybody should try this.
Thanks again Sandee.


I have arthritis in my hips and Sandee did a couple distant reconnective healing sessions on me. Since she has I haven't really been bothered by the pain during the day and can actually sleep through the night without the pain waking me up.

Diane H.   

Thank you so much for your session today. As mentioned, I felt energy in the palm of both my hands. It was like a vortex of spinning energy. The session helped me to sit up and to actually help someone with their work today. For this and for your kind sharing, I am most grateful.


Just a small note to say THANK YOU. I am looking for work at the moment and feel very stressed. After a session with Sandee I feel less stressed and more at peace. I am able to concentrate on the important matters and put away all the pressures of being unemployed. Once again Sandee, a huge thank you.

Christine J.   

I received a link to a 5 minute session from a friend. The first time I participated in the session I was overcome with energies. First my breath seemed to be deeper and controlled by an overlay of energy. The energy became focused on my throat and I felt a spinning and releasing around the base of my neck. Then as my throat chakra began to spinn roughly, it became more fluid and I felt popping and cracking and saw lights and almost like a circle of crystals. The energy danced and seemed to have a plan of its own for what to do. I was totally affected and transformed and left in wonderment.

I am not having any medical issues to speak of and when I write these words it seems funny to me that I would use these terms or even talk about lights and crystals. I am not usually oriented this way and that makes me very aware that something outside of my usual experience has happened. I had a very powerful transformation. I have since used the same session twice and felt completely different and much more subtle experiences. The third time I was definitely overlaid with a certain breathe control again, but not any dramatic sensation. I felt a current or sort of rummaging in a tooth I have an issue with right now.

I am impressed how a powerful healing like this can be shared through a video. Thank you and WOW.


I just want to Thank You so much for this lovely gift of healing you offer. Since I have received healing I feel much more lighter and happier. Thank You again and bless you!


I would like to say thank you to Sandee for an amazing session. She has given me peace of mind by removing my stress. I feel that I am able to concentrate on matters that are important in a peacefull way. Once again, thank you for your help!


I was anxious because I had surgery to remove cancer from my nose 3 days ago. I have been in a lot of pain and had tension in my neck and also headaches (which is to be expected.) During my session with Sandee, I almost fell asleep because she made me quite relaxed. (I also have insomnia so that was amazing as well.) The pain really dulled down and I feel quite calm now. I highly recommend trying Sandee for yourself and you'll be glad that you did, regardless of the problems you have or if you simply want to relax.

Thanks Sandee.



I had my session with Sandee the day I came home from sinus surgery, it was a fantastic experience. I felt pain relief on my face, and my knee that was bothering me. My knee felt as though she was pulling the pain right out. I was also amazed with the since of peace and calmness I felt during and after the session. Thank you Sandee, for a wounderful experience.

Torri Nelson   

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