Reconnective Healing®

Reconnective Healing® is Energy, Light and Information

Beyond Energy Healing for People | Animals | Plants

*Physical *Emotional *Mental *Spiritual

Reconnective Healing


I am a Reconnective Healing® Practitioner trained by Dr. Eric Pearl and his team.  I am offering Reconnective Healing® Sessions to anyone in the world that may want them.  Please read down the page about Reconnective Healing® and how to schedule a session.

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   Try the 5-minute demo below                                    What is Reconnective Healing and the Science


  • Reconnective Healing®
    • Allows for physical, emotional, mental & spiritual healing
    • It's a comprehensive spectrum of energy, light and information
    • Is hands off
    • Can be done either in person or from a distance
    • The client is fully clothed, relaxed and just observes
    • Reconnective Healing® can be a life-changing experience, allowing for the healing of the body, mind, and spirit.
    • You may or may not feel anything during your session(s), which is fine, it doesn't mean it's not working
    • The frequencies/energies work the same whether you have an in-person one-on-one healing session or if you have a distant healing session
    • The vibrations are much higher than any of the other healing techniques
    • As Dr. Pearl says, "If you're lucky you'll get the healing you wanted.  If you're really lucky, you'll get a healing you didn't expect"
    • As with anything, there are no guarantees a healing will happen.  If not, it may not be what you need at this time in your life's path
    • Reconnective Healing® has been and is being studied.
  • The difference between Distant Reconnective Healing® sessions and in-person:
    • There is no difference besides the fact that you can be in the comfort of your own home
      • The frequencies seem to get stronger with distance
  • What you need to do:
    • I don't want to know what your health issues are, if any, prior to the session
    • You can be anywhere in the world
    • I work on U.S. EST timezone
    • Please use the "Contact Me" form to schedule a distant session or you can become a member and have access to the 30-minute members video
    • Use the restroom prior to your session
    • Be in "your" most comfortable position (preferably on your back with your hands at your sides)
  • How to schedule your appointment:
    • Sessions - schedule your session easily via the contact me form.  We will decide on a date and time that works best for both of us
    • I am only doing Distant Reconnective Healing at this time via Skype, phone (only U.S.) or email (I like to get the connection with you).  I do not need to see you in order to connect with you
    • We will connect  before and after the session (Skype is free to download and use - Click Here)
  • Who is Reconnective Healing For?:
    • People, animals and plants (anything living)
    • Anyone for any reason, even no reason (just close your eyes, be open and just observe)
  • How Many Sessions Will You Need:
    • It is recommended to have between 1- 3 sessions (that will be completely up to you on how many sessions you feel you need)
    • All sessions are about 45-minutes in total
      • 30-minutes of the Reconnective Healing® Session
      • We'll take a few minutes before and after the session to go over what you need to do and then again to see what you felt during the session only if you choose to share
  • Your positioning:
    • You will need to lay on your back with your hands held at your sides (or if that's just not comfortable for you, you can chose a position that's comfortable for you)
    • You should try to stay awake so you can "just observe" what is going on and what you may feel, see, hear, smell
  • What you may experience:
    • Rapid eye movement
    • Movements of your hands, feet, arms and legs, images, colors, sounds, smells and more
    • Change in breathing pattern
    • Nothing at all
  • Can it hurt me?:
    • No, it does not hurt and cannot hurt you
  • Sessions  (People, Animals or Plants) :
    • Plan for one hour $50 USD each (30-minutes of Reconnective Healing® as well as 15-minutes before and after session)
    • Become a member
      • Try a one day membership at $5.00 USD
      • Monthly memberships are $10.00 USD a month
        • Have access to a 30-minute Reconnective Healing® Session video any time you feel you need it
        • One-on-one distant sessions for members are $25 USD per session (monthly members only).   Please use the contact me form to schedule
  • Payment is required at the time of booking the appointment
  • There are no refunds for appointments that aren't cancelled within 24-hours of the session as my time is valuable and you are only paying for my time not the Reconnective Healing®
  • Session Times:
  • 7-Days a Week
  • All sessions will be via Skype chat, Skype video, phone (U.S. only) or email
  • Payments:
    • Payments are via PayPal.  If you don't have PayPal, that's fine, PayPal takes credit cards and debit cards as well
  • Cancellations:
    • One-on-one Sessions:  As my time is valuable, if you are going to cancel your session, please do so within 24-hours of your session or there will not be a refund provided
    • Membership:  You can cancel your membership at anytime.  There will be no refunds for the membership but you will have access to the Reconnective Healing® video until the end of your paid day or month

Please Note - IMPORTANT

  • I am NOT a medical professional and do not pretend to be.  You should continue to see your healthcare provider and continue to take ALL medications prescribed by your provider as well as ALL advice and/or instructions of your medical provider!  I make no claims, promises or guarantees. Eric Pearl and anyone associated with this work, inclusive of, but not limited to  Reconnective Healing®, are neither diagnosing nor treating specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for seeing to and continuing with your own medical treatment and care.  By using this site, you are agreeing to this.